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Installing Solatube Products

Federal tax credits can help you save a bundle when you purchase a Solatube ISn Daylighting System, Solar Attic Fan, or a Solatube Fresh Breeze Skylight.

*The 30% tax credit includes product and installation.

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Experience the benefits of natural light and fresh air while saving money with government rebates.

Solatube Daylighting makes every season beautiful. Now it makes tax season the best of all. Our newest Solatube System, with integrated solar-powered NightLight, harnesses the sun’s energy during the day to power a soft-glow, solar-electric nightlight. Best of all, it qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit on purchase and installation.  Manufacturer’s Certification documents must be submitted with your tax filing to claim the credit.

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Everyone loves to save money! And now the government helps you save 30% through a tax credit.

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Solatube Isn Products

Solatube ISn Daylighting Systems qualify for a 30% federal tax credit on both the price of the product and installation. Whether you install one or five Solatube ISn Systems, you get a 30% tax credit on every unit, that includes installation. That adds up! Get a more detailed estimate during your free, in-home consultation.

Solar Attic Fans & Garage Fans:

Save 30% With A Tax Credit

Now you can get the credit you deserve for making intelligent, energy-wise decisions. All Solatube Attic Fans are considered residential photovoltaic systems, which means they turn sunlight into energy. Hence, a portion of the cost of the fans qualifies for a federal income tax credit.

The electricity-producing solar panel and related components include 70% of the overall cost of the product. Therefore, both the product and installation are eligible for credit at 70% of the total price.

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Solar Powered Skylight with Tax Badge

Solar-Operable Skylights

Solatube Home’s Fresh Breeze Skylights also qualify for a 30% federal tax credit which shaves some big bucks off your product and installation. Another plus about this model is the functionality and ease of opening your skylight with the press of a remote.

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*Solatube International makes no warranty as to the qualification of the products for federal tax credits if there are changes in requirements or applicable law after such date. Solatube International, Inc. is not a tax advisor. Taxpayers claiming a tax credit should consult a tax professional with any questions. Solatube International is not responsible or liable for the taxpayer’s ability to receive tax credits. This document is not intended to constitute legal or tax advice. More comprehensive information will be made available by the IRS. The user maintains the full and complete responsibility to comply with all codes, laws and regulations applicable to the safe and proper use, handling and installation of the product and should consult with a professional for all construction- and design-related questions. The information contained herein is believed to be accurate as of the time of preparation. However, Solatube International makes no warranty as to the accuracy of this information.

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